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Vienna, VA  22180

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In order to have a well behaved dog, it takes proper training.  Training should be fun, positive, and stress free for the dog and their humans. Training should engage the whole family, as well as the dog. After all, the dog needs to learn to respect each family member and vice versa.


I strive to make training a fun experience for your canine companion so they are excited to engage and show off what they have learned and earn yummy treats at the same time!  Most dogs will respond to the proper positive reinforcement training in the first lesson!  I will show you and your family the basics of positive reinforcement/force free training using simple principles any dog can learn.  You will be amazed how quickly our canine companions respond!


I have worked with many dogs, from tiny toy poodles to large mastiffs.  Shy dogs can become confident, and boisterous dogs become polite.   We can assist you and your dog with anything from general manners (sit, stay, down) to behavior problems like barking, nipping, potty training, leash biting and chewing.  I help you choose the best toys, treats and puzzles for your fur baby.

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